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Cloud Storage

Have All Your IT Requirements Met Instantly

Webzilla Instant Cloud insures scalability and manageability, customized to help the growth of your business, at any rate. The first product in the Instant Cloud family, Instant Files, offers an unlimited durable storage at a sensible price, making it a necessity. Your data is your most valuable asset. Webzilla nourishes it in the way it deserves. It is highly accessible and with the help of numerous integrations, you can always use it the way you need.

Why instant files

Reduce Your Server Load

Servers should be utilized efficiently. Serving as storage for static files, hardly does that. Speed your servers by ridding them of the unnecessary burden. 

Global Presence

CDN integration lets you spread your content worldwide effortlessly. Your customers will be satisfied no matter where they are.

Start Saving Right Now

We offer highly competitive prices. If your equipment is busy serving static files, maximize your savings by avoiding inefficient resource allocation.

CMS Support

Every popular content management system, be it Wordpress or Drupal, already has the required mechanisms to work with Instant Files. Feel the effect of Instant Files in no time.

Lightspeed Delivery

With CDN integration, Instant Files will serve your content at the best speed possible. Don't let your customers wait until page loads.

Simple Integration

Instant Files supports literally any workflow. With minor to no changes in your code and work process, you will get all the benefits of Instant Files literally with zero delay.


Preserve all your data with redundancy and availability engineered to maintain any desired level of business continuity. Wide variety of backup strategies can be used to provide data protection for your specific cases.

Websites Content

CSS, Javascript files, images, videos and other static assets of web applications can be served with Webzilla Instant Files. A bundle ready to reduce your server load, improve your website performance and increase your customers' satisfaction levels.

Media Storage and Streaming

Storage and streaming of media files is another area Webzilla specializes in. Instant Files secure the handling of your information and let you do what you are best at. The rest is handled by top-notch experts and state-of-the-art software.

CDN Integration

Webzilla provides fast and reliable CDN, perfect for the most demanding customers. With Instant Files, you can start using CDN without any commitments or additional contracts. Just create a container and upload your content. It will be instantly available via CDN.

Key Features and Benefits of Instant Files

Webzilla Instant Files is designed to let users store and distribute data in a cost-efficient way. We are ready to bring value to all customers by satisfying their particular needs.

  • Pay-as-you-go solution ready in seconds
  • Privacy settings giving full control on content
  • CDN integration enabling instant access
  • Triple redundancy with the best market prices
  • Unlimited storage meeting any requirements

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Integrations with content management systems

  • Selection of universal backup software

  • Full data control via multi-compatible software

Technical Details

Webzilla uses best of breed cloud technologies in order to provide customers with fully-featured and reliable solutions. Should you have any doubt whether Webzilla Instant Files can serve your particular needs and fit your IT infrastructure, do not hesitate to contact us. Our capabilities include but are not restricted to:

  • Openstack Swift API
  • High-performance SSD cache
  • Encrypted, multi OS backup options

  • Scalable virtually unlimited storage
  • Free optional cross-cluster data synchronization
  • CDN integration, custom domains and SSL support