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Flexible, Secure Space that Evolves with You

Whether you are in the market for individual server racks, shared space, cages, or dedicated suites, Webzilla can fulfill your unique business needs with its portfolio of custom and flexible colocation solutions. Our trusted colocation solutions provide customers with a cost-effective alternative to building and/or operating their own datacenter, lowering overall operational and capital expenses.

Our colocation space is housed in reliable datacenters around the world: the U.S., Europe and Asia. Fully scalable, our solutions are flexible enough to grow with your business, accommodating your IT needs today, and tomorrow. Designed in accordance with the highest power, security, and connectivity standards, these facilities also utilize a high-performance, multi-homed network, providing direct access to a wide range of interconnection options to global peering exchanges and leading ISP providers.

Use Cases

Small, mid-sized and enterprise-level companies across a variety of diverse industries and geographies utilize Webzilla Colocation services to gain all the benefits of a large IT department without the costs. These include:

  •  Financial
  •  Gaming
  •  Content and Media
  •  Information
  •  Retail
  •  Telecommunications

Choose a Colocation Solution to Match Your Requirements

Managed Colocation Overview

Mitigate the excessive time and costs associated with operating your own datacenter, complex network infrastructure management, hardware procurement, set-up, maintenance, and vendor relations. Webzilla Managed Colocation enables your business to repurpose its high-value IT employees and focus on core functionalities, customers and revenue-driving initiatives.

Features and Benefits
  • Locations in award-winning datacenters
  • Racks, cages and custom suites
  • 1.3 Tbps multihomed network
  • Cross-connections to a comprehensive range of networks, ISPs and carriers
  • Robust power diversity and redundancy
  • End-to-end management of colocation services
  • Lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Service Options Available

With Webzilla Colocation, end-users get all the benefits of colocation without the headache and cost associated with owning and managing a datacenter. Our Managed Colocation services include:

  • 24/7/365 Services Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Hardware Monitoring
  • Software Installation (initial phase)
  • Software and Script Deployment & Configuration
  • Optimized Server Performance
  • Security & Threat Analysis
  • Daily Task Management
  • Database Backup
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Unmanaged Colocation Overview

Customers utilizing proprietary, unsupported applications or seeking more control and flexibility over server configuration and functionality choose Webzilla's Unmanaged Colocation solutions. Unmanaged Colocation gives customers the ability to provide, manage and maintain their own hardware and software, enabling a highly private and secure colocation experience while simultaneously offering many of the benefits of a Webzilla colocation solution.

These benefits include:
  • Dedicated hardware environments within top-tier datacenters
  • Connectivity into Webzilla's Global 1.3 Tbps IP backbone
  • Multiple cross-connects to private networks, ISPs and carriers
  • Robust power diversity and redundancy
  • Lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Service Options Available

Webzilla's Unmanaged Colocation solution gives end-users greater control over their IT infrastructure in addition to offering an ultra-private environment and holistic support of our technical experts.

  • 24/7 Technical Support & Monitoring
  • Secure, State-of-the-Art Data?enter Environment
  • Redundant Power & Connectivity
  • Fixed and Usage-based Pricing Options
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Select the Ideal Home for Your Servers

Webzilla's top tier datacenters are located across three continents, providing customers with extended reach into prominent global markets.

...And Something Extra to Top Off Your Colocation Experience

Content Delivery Network

Take advantage of the pervasive reach of our global private multihomed backbone, and ensure high application performance, instant delivery of rich media files and faster website load times with our CDN services, with PoPs located worldwide.

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