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Rich content delivery demands high availability and performance.
Optimize the end-user experience with CDN services.
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Webzilla CDN

Faster Content Delivery, Global Reach, and Optimized Application Performance

These days, it's all about availability and online presence. Numerous studies have drawn the direct correlation between website page load times, customer loyalty and engagement, and revenue generation. Quite simply, the higher the lag, the more likely customers are to leave your site, often resulting in substantial revenue loss. After all, if your website performance is at times slow, inconsistent, or altogether unavailable, what does that say about your company?

Leveraging Webzilla's worldwide, private multi-homed backbone and globally-dispersed PoPs, customers can now obtain the lowest latency connectivity to boost application performance, drive instant delivery of rich media files, and ensure faster website load times with our reliable CDN services. CDN replicates content on edge servers that are closest to the end-user, freeing up backbone and link capacity, thus resulting in less jitter and higher stream quality - particularly in remote areas.

Key Features and Benefits of Webzilla CDN

  • Seamless, high-speed access to 1,3 Tbps private IP backbone
  • No CapEx solution that is up and running in minutes
  • Multiple geographically diverse PoPs across 3 continents
  • Best-in-class hardware partners like Dell┬« and Cisco┬«
  • Near-real time statistics
  • User-friendly control panel
  • 24/7/365 expert support
  • Scalable to grow with your requirements
  • 99.99% network uptime SLA
  • Reports for regional requests and bandwidth usage
Webzilla provides 100% content availability, even during significant power, network, or hardware outages through automatic server availability sensing capabilities that instantly redirect traffic when required. Deployed within minutes, our CDN solution mitigates network congestion, reduces the cost and maintenance of your network, and improves the overall online experience of customers.

Use Cases

A wide range of industries depends on Webzilla for the effective and efficient delivery of data-rich content and business-critical applications to end-users all over the globe.

  •  Content & Media
  •  Information
  •  Healthcare
  •  Education
  •  Financial
  •  Marketing