Our commitments

As a leading provider of world-class hosting services, Webzilla is dedicated to delivering the best possible performance and online experience available within an outsourced IT environment. Our customers are the livelihood of our organization, and the safety of their critical data driven by the reliability of their servers is our number one priority. Webzilla strives to build loyal, long-term professional relationships with our clients that are built not only on expertise, but also on trust. In order to further this mission, we must protect the rights of the customers that have come to depend on us for their business-critical hosting solutions.

Webzilla maintains strict compliance with stringent laws and regulations governing the Internet. By doing so, we ensure that no illegal activity can undermine our operations as a hosting provider, and thus have a profound effect on other customers. In addition to providing the highest level of safety and security for our customers’ critical business data, Webzilla ensures that it is irreproachable in its operations by maintaining a high level of transparency. Webzilla customers are given time to review the details of an Internet Services Master Agreement during their vendor consideration and selection processes. This ensures the profound understanding of their rights and obligations as Webzilla customers, in addition to accurately defining the mutual expectations of both parties prior to the commencement of a business partnership.